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Live Scan / Card Scan Sales

Fingerprint Solutions has our own Live Scan/Card Scan enterprise web based system. There are significant benefits to using our products to electronically submit fingerprint background checks verses mailing a fingerprint card.

Our web based software captures the prints, collects the data, and packages it all into an FBI certified file for submission to the desired channeler such as the Accurate, FINRA and Others. The software is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Fingerprint Solutions will provide all the training, guidance and information to make setting up your fingerprint program effortless.

Live Scan Advantages

  • NO messing ink
  • Fast – fingerprinting takes less than one minute
  • Simple - very little training required.
  • Portable – requires no external power source
  • Rejection rate - less than 2%
  • Save time, money and travel expense costs not having to re-fingerprint employees
  • Guides operator in capturing best quality fingerprints.
  • Electronic submission provides results in less than 24 hours from the FBI
  • Submission cost is lower per card than via U.S Mail
  • Electronic storage of all fingerprint records in one place.

Card Scan Advantages

  • Electronic Submission provides results in 24 hour or less from the FBI
  • Submission cost is lower per card than via U.S. Mail
  • Software gives a quality indicator to help judge whether prints will be rejected and allows the operator to capture better quality prints
  • Electronic storage of all fingerprint records in one place

Combination System Advantages

  • Allows a user to live scan the applicants that are local and still submit cards electronically for applicants that are too far from home office. This is ideal for organizations that have a central training area but also have smaller branches in other states.
  • All fingerprint records can be stored in one place